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Agreed HR Policies

Can staff on career breaks apply?


An individual on a career break can apply for decentralisation and is entitled to receive an offer for decentralisation. The onus is on the individual on a career break to ensure that s/he can be contacted in relation to his or her Central Applications Facility (CAF) application.

If a decentralising organisation is making an offer to a person on a career break and the career break has been granted by another department, it is up the organisation making the offer to decide if they will allow the person to continue with the career break or not.  This is made clear when the offer is being made.  Organisations are free to reach an accommodation or compromise with the individual concerned. [HR Document: Para 2.1.25; Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 6, para 6.1].

It should be noted that special leave without pay for a career break does not reckon for purposes of progression under the Central Transfer Scheme.  An officer who is on a transfer list should indicate, prior to commencing a career break, whether or not s/he wishes to be made offers of transfer while on career break.  The onus would be on the officer on career break to ensure that his/her Personnel Section have been supplied with an up-to-date contact address and telephone number.  [Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 5, para 5.4]