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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the operation of the Central Applications Facility and the human resource policies put in place to support the implementation of the Programme are available here.

A large number of documents have been generated by discussions between the Department of Finance and staff representatives at the Decentralisation Sub-Group of General Council on the implementation of the Civil Service sector of the Programme.   A small portion of the text in these documents may no longer be relevant due to the passage of time or having been overtaken by events.   Nevertheless they are reproduced here exactly as they stood at the time negotiations ceased.

In addition the Central Decentralisation Unit issued a draft booklet to Personnel Officers containing copies of documents as negotiated with staff unions; draft letters to be used by the Public Appointments Service (PAS) and Personnel Officers in conducting various processes, and advice on the implementation of various protocols agreed under the Programme. An abridged version of this Personnel Officers Guide is available here.  This version omits chapters 1, 2, 7 and 8 of the original Guide as well as draft letters to be used by PAS and Personnel Officers in conducting various processes.

The HR Document - The HR Document was the first agreement reached on the implementation of the Decentralisation Programme and predates the setting up of the Central Applications Facility. The document dealt with the human resources issues of transfers, promotion and recruitment.

The Protocol for Transfer of Staff - Having agreed some initial principles on the need for new promotion and recruitment policies in light of the Decentralisation Programme, a system for the orderly transfer of staff was required.   This note deals with the transfer of Civil Servants in general service grades between Departments/Offices.

Revised Dublin Arrangements (17 January 2007) - Staff remaining in Dublin - Document negotiated with Unions (as revised 17 Jan 2007)

The Acting-up Agreement - Persons filling posts in acting capacity.  Department of Finance guidance note on implementation of the agreement reached at the General Council Sub-Committee on Decentralisation on 10 March and 18 April 2005.

The Treatment of Applications for Decentralisation by Tax Officers and Higher Tax Officers

HR Implications of the Cancellation of the Decentralisation Programme