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Offers and Assignments

Is sick leave taken into account?

Transfers to decentralising posts are subject to an assessment of the sick leave and performance records of staff according to existing standards and procedures. Management reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse to allow a transfer to proceed if this assessment indicates that this is necessary in the interests of the proper management of the service.  A decentralising organisation is entitled to reject an applicant if s/he has an unacceptable level of sick leave when the offer is being made.  The organisation is not under any obligation to make a further offer at a later stage.  A department can, if it wishes, accept an applicant who has an unacceptable level of sick leave or even give the applicant an opportunity over a specific period (e.g. a year) to improve their record.  This is completely at the discretion of the management of the decentralising organisation.  [HR Document: Para 2.1.25; Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 6, para 6.1].