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Offers and Assignments

Will the applicant who is first on the CAF list be the first to move?

Actual transfers between organisations need not necessarily take place in the same order as the ranking of applicants under the CAF. The timing of transfers is managed in a way which respects the business needs of the organisations concerned, reflects the circumstances of individual applicants and takes full account of the total number of applicants for the available posts in the grade and location concerned. In particular, applicants with a lower ranking on the CAF may be transferred before those with a higher ranking, provided the latter do not lose out in terms of seniority as a result.

In the event that a decentralising organisation intends to adopt a different sequence to that indicated by the CAF rankings, it will ensure that applicants with a higher ranking are advised – through their Personnel Officer - that their applications will be processed at an appropriate time. It will also arrange for the applicants to confirm in writing their continued interest in moving to the location concerned. [Protocols for the Transfer of Staff: Para 2.2.1

The decentralising organisation will ensure in cases where a location is oversubscribed that posts are allocated strictly according to the CAF rules.  In order to do this, decentralising organisations will verify CO and SO placings on transfer lists, by requesting that all likely departments check CAF applicants at CO and SO level against their relevant transfer lists.  For any specific location, such as Limerick for example, there may be as many transfer lists as there are civil service offices in the city.  This verification will need to be completed before offers are made to COs from outside the organisation if:- 

      • The decentralisation location is oversubscribed for CO and/or SOs; or
      • the move to the new location will occur in phases which have significant intervening timeframes.  In such cases, posts in the early phases should be offered to those who have the highest CAF rankings.
      • Otherwise verification is undertaken at a later stage in order to determine the relative seniority of each CO and/or SO.  [Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 5, para 5.3]