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Offers and Assignments

Is the seniority of those who are decentralising retained?

All officers in grades represented by unions other than the CPSU are placed on the seniority list of their receiving Department in keeping with their service in the grade. This means that their seniority is not adversely affected by the timing of transfers. [Protocol on the Transfer of Staff: para 2.2.14]

If there is any doubt as to the relative seniority of an applicant this will be established with the Personnel Officer of the applicant’s Department. [Protocol on the Transfer of Staff: para 2.2.16]

 Clerical Officers (CO) and Staff Officers (SO) who opt to transfer to a new department or office in order to decentralise lose their seniority.  Their seniority starts anew in their new department or office.  [Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 5, para 5.1].

For SOs and COs transferring to a decentralising organisation, seniority will be determined by their ranking on the CAF and not by their start date.   It is not therefore necessary to call SOs and COs into a decentralising organisation by reference to their placing on the CAF.  Organisations should call SOs and COs in whatever order best suits its business needs.  [Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 5, para 5.1].

The date on which the first SO or CO transfers to an organisation will become the nominal date of transfer for all remaining CAF transferees at that grade.  It will be necessary to rank all SOs and COs relative to each other by reference to their CAF ranking in order to determine their seniority in the decentralised organisation.  [Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 5, para 5.1].