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What happens where a staff member wishes to move to a location with his/her partner?

Where a staff member has a partner who also wishes to move to a particular location, consideration will  be given to facilitating both partners.

In the priority period, almost 1,000 applicants indicated that they had a partner who would also be transferring.  In most cases there should be no difficulty in offering posts to both members of a couple as each will qualify for an offer in their own right.  However in oversubscribed locations one member of a couple may qualify for an offer and the other may not qualify in his or her own right.  In cases such as these, the civil service general service unions (CPSU, the PSEU and the AHCPS) have indicated that they are opposed to having any of their members displaced by another member because the displacing member is part of a couple. 


It has been agreed with the staff panel unions that Departments should deal with these cases (where only one member of a couple qualifies) on a case-by-case basis.  Personnel Offers have been asked to be proactive in seeking solutions which would facilitate both partners.  Facilitation in this case can be taken to include finding a post in another office in the town or in another nearby town.  [HR Document: Para 2.1.21; Personnel Officers Guide: Chapter 6, para 6.3].