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Promotion and Recruitment

What is the general position on the filling of decentralised posts through recruitment?

The Minister for Finance has directed that with effect from 27th March 2009, to end 2010, no public service post, however arising, may be filled by recruitment, promotion, nor payment of an allowance for the performance of duties at a higher grade. Therefore when vacancies arise Departments/agencies etc must reallocate or reorganise work or staff accordingly. Any exceptions to this principle, which will arise in very limited circumstances only, require the prior sanction of the Minister for Finance. The decision also applies to temporary appointments on a fixed-term basis and to the renewal of such contracts.

The Minister for Finance will have the authority to allow for the filling of some vacancies in very exceptional circumstances. The Government decision also provides that vacancies may be filled by redeployment of staff from other Departments or public bodies with the sanction of the Minister for Finance.

Across the public service, recruitment and promotion practices generally are being managed in a way which facilitates the achievement of the Decentralisation Programme in an efficient manner. In that context it was agreed with the Civil Service unions prior to the introduction of the Moratorium that all interdepartmental promotions would be made on the basis of the appointee agreeing to move to a post in a decentralising unit or decentralising Department or Office and details in that regard are set out elsewhere in this website.

In addition, it was agreed with the Civil Service unions prior to the introduction of the Moratorium that all appointments from open competitions were to be made on the same basis. Acceptance that a post is in a specific location and will be occupied for a defined minimum period has now become a condition of employment for all new entrant staff.