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Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the Decentralisation Programme

MAKING AN APPLICATION (Central Applications Facility - CAF)

Using the CAF

     How do I apply for decentralisation?

     How do I withdraw an application?

     Is there a time limit for making an application on CAF?

     Who should use the CAF?

     Who is eligible to aply for decentralisation?

     What information is on the CAF?

     What information do I have to provide on the CAF?

     How do I find out what jobs are moving to a particular location?

     How do I find out if a particular organisation has acquired accommodation in a particular location?

     Where can I find the Decentralisation Implentation Plans of a decentralising organisation?

     Where do I find information on schools/housing etc in a decentralised location?


Agreed HR Policies


     Is the Central Aplications Facility still taking applicants?

     Do I have to apply on the CAF if I am already on a transfer list?

     Can staff on contract apply?

     Can staff on career breaks apply?

     Does an application have to be made before a specific date?

     Can an application be withdrawn?

     Can I make changes to my application? If I do, what will the consequences be?

     What happens if I change my application to another organisation?

     If a wrong grade is entered when an application is made, what happens?

     Can an application be made to an organisation within the same location?


Offers and Assignments

     When will I be offered a post?

     If a decentralising post is being offered, who will contact me?

     Do I have to accept the offer of a transfer straight away?

     Can I refuse an offer?

     Is sick leave taken into account?

     Will the applicant who is first on the CAF list be the first to move?

     Is the seniority of those who are decentralising retained?

     What happens the seniority of staff in CPSU grades who are not decentralising?



     What happens where a staff member wishes to move to a location with his/her partner?

Duration of Assignment

     How long will a person have to remain in a decetralised location?

Further Information

     Where do I get more information on the CAF?



Sequencing and Priority

   What sequence is applied to the filling of decentralising posts and how are applications ranked?

     What is the Agriculture Surplus and how are they assigned?

     What are preference priority applicants and how are they assigned?

     Can you lose priority status on the CAF?

     Does the CAF take account of applications made through the Central Transfer List system?


Equivalent Grades, Corresponding Level Grades

     How are staff at the same and equivalent grades assigned?

     What grades are considered equivalent for decentralisation purposes?

     Are AP and PO Standard and Higher posts treated the same?

     How are AP/PO standard posts allocated?

     If I work as a specialist grade in an organisation and my grade is not on the list of those moving, can I apply?

     Can Tax Officers and Higher Tax Officers in the Revenue Commissioners apply to decentralise?

2- 10 Priority Applicants


     What is a two-to-ten trawl and when is it undertaken?


Post Priority Applicants


     What are Post-Priority Applicants and when are they approached?

Acting UP Agreements

      How are civil service staff on Acting Up Allowances assigned?

Promotion and Recruitment

     What are the arrangements at present in relation to promotion?

     If I get promoted to decentralise, how long will I have to stay in the decentralised location?

     What are the terms of the Moratorium on Promotion and Recruitment?

     What is the general position on the filling of decentralised posts through recruitment?


Dublin Arrangements

     Is Dublin a location on the CAF?

     If my Department is decentralising and I do not wish to move, what happens?


Expenses and Costs

     Do I get removal expenses for Decentralisation?

    What is the decentralisation training allowance and who is entitled to it?